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Hyogo Prefecture Banshu Akaho is a town with a history of “Chushin Ookura”, too famous for the abduction of 47 Akao Namba who made a life bet to clear the mischief of the lord. There are two of Japan's best on the beach side of Banshu Ako. One is Setouchi, and there is "Taneshio" from Banshu Akaho, and the other is from Banshu Akoho "raw oysters." We offer raw oysters carefully grown in Sakakoshi Bay where high-quality botanical plankton of the famous water Hyakusen Seiryu "Shikokugawa" flows in hope of a lush green monument "raw island". With regard to the management of the producers Ikada, we have established strict management without increasing it in vain, so You can always capture a stable and good sea situation without getting overcrowded. So oysters from Hyogo prefecture, Harima, are delicious.

生牡蠣 いかなごくぎ煮

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