Maru Uo Marine Corp.'s main core Maru Uo Fisheries Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler in the central wholesale market in Himeji City, and its main business is a company with a strong public character in collecting and selling fresh seafood and other processed products. The demand for more safe and reliable products to general consumers, middlemen, retailers, etc. is even stronger due to not only the drastic changes in distribution forms and product diversification but also due to food poisoning incidents such as O157 and others. became. Among such needs of the times, Fish Co., Ltd. began operating in October 1997. In order to contribute to the revitalization of local producers and fishermen along with the local fishermen's union, by thoroughly making fresh products and hygiene management and making products (hard and soft) in a quality-controlled environment We have confirmed and established our business activities in compliance with the basic philosophy of hygiene management that introduced the concept of HACCP.

Company Name: Harima Co., Ltd.

Founded: September 1997

President and CEO: Hiroyasu Nagara

Capital: 10 million yen

Housing: No. 912 Kako, Shirahama-cho, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Within the Tsuga deer fishing port fishery processing center



Business Description:
【Seafood processing and sales】
Packing processing sale of oysters, shrimp, squid, salmon, squid, and crepe
【Main handling items】
 Harima rice production oysters, small girls, chirimen, shrimp, squid, raw squid, other seafood products in general

Outline of business plan

With regard to raw oysters, which are the main products of our business, we will properly handle them and ensure that they prevent any health hazards caused by oysters, and acquire research on health management know-how of health centers, general food companies and major fishery companies Thoroughly conduct hygiene management education of management officers including employees engaged in processing and manufacturing products without harm to hygiene, and in the future, taking advantage of the location conditions of consumption area, we will move from our company to Kansai area The purpose is to establish the product supply of D-0.

Create a system to see the producer's face

Hyogo Prefecture Banshu Akaho is a town with a history of “Chushin Ookura”, too famous for the abduction of 47 Akao Namba who made a life bet to clear the mischief of the lord. There are two of Japan's best on the beach side of Banshu Ako. The first is Setouchi, where there is a Teushio from Banshu Akaho, and the other is from Banshu Akoho Producing "raw oysters."

Natural monuments of Ikushima Jolin (evergreen) and the Shiryu Chikusa River, which has been selected as one of the 100 most famous Japanese waters, enter the quiet Ako city of Sakakoshi Bay, so it is rich in high quality phytoplankton and is an oyster It has a large size (large grain compared to those from Miyagi and Hiroshima), and it is plump and its flavor grows best. We wanted to create a lush green monument "Natsushima Ikushima", which was carefully grown in Sakoshi Bay where the high quality botanical plankton of "Shunjugawa Chigusaga" flows into the water. Please enjoy fresh and safe raw oysters. Raw material inspections using oysters from the production area are also conducted regularly for the area of ​​Harimasu currently being produced. By strengthening sanitation measures that have enhanced the safety of these producers, farmers in Sakakoe, Ako City, Aioi City, Aioi Bay, Tatsuno City, Murotsu Bay, Tanitsu City, Iwami Bay are in clear waters. It can be shipped by "raw food". Also, with regard to the management of Ikada of producers, since strict management has been established without increasing it indiscriminately, stable and favorable sea conditions can always be captured without overcrowding. So the oysters from Hyogo prefecture, Harima, are delicious.

IT Solution Department (System Proposal and Development)

As an affiliate of the Marufish Fisheries Group, it was launched in September 2006 as a division of Harima Tsubaki Co., Ltd., whose main business is the processing, processing and sales of oysters. We provide solutions that support IT with a variety of commercial distribution, distribution, and in-house management, including perishables.

business analysis and design, improvement proposal. Basic design, system development, maintenance. Cooperation by VPN and EDI using the Internet. home page.

(Product management work)
Supplier management materials, process control production instructions, actual control inventory (including appropriate inventory),
(Sales management work)
Partner Management Sales,
Purchase, Inventory, Gross Payment Request
(Distribution, warehouse management)
Loading and unloading, name change management
inventory proof handy terminal use
Creation of strategic
management report materials
Package sale
(home page)
Web design
Net business support
(Contracted development)
Program development setting work local adjustment repair infrastructure maintenance

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