Food Safety Initiatives

This factory thoroughly carries out hygiene management education of officers and employees, prevents hygiene hazards in advance, and operates in the near future with the basic concept of HACCP (Note 1) (hazard analysis important control point system) . Among the processes that are superior in comparison with other companies, all the processes from the cleaning line to the seawater pack correspond to UV sterilization and electrolytic sterilization seawater (below 5 ° C). We will supply the Kansai area with D-one (D + 1) response during the season (October to March), taking advantage of the location conditions of the consumption area for raw oysters from Harima Coffee, our main product. It is established. In addition, in order to capture the business opportunities of dealers more reliably among customer needs, we also support ordering the day before. Indeed, we are convinced that it is the correspondence that the production line construction of D + 1 goods can do.

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In addition, voluntary inspections are conducted daily during the season, according to the Food Sanitation Law component standards (Note 2) (general bacterial count, E. coli most probable number, coliform group, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, O -157, freshness test) is also used to save the shelf life of reports and specimens. We also promise to be able to establish once a week testing for Norovirus (Note 3).

Note 1) HACCP
It is an acronym for Hazard Analysis Critical Contlol Points, and it is translated as "Hazard analysis critical control point" in Japanese. It is called "HCC" or "Hasap".

Note 2) Food hygiene law component standard of raw oyster
The number of general bacteria is 50,000 / g or less
E. coli most probable number 230/100 g or less Enteritis Vibrio 100 / g or less Salinity concentration 2% or more Scraped washed seawater coliform group probability number 1.8 / 100 ml or less
TTC reaction (freshness test) Positive storage standard etc. 10 ° C or less (raw edible persimmon)
-15 ° C (raw food frozen oyster)

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Note 3)
Norovirus is a very small spherical virus visible only with an electron microscope with a diameter of 25 nm to 35 nm (1 nm is 1/10-6 mm), and was discovered in 1972 from a patient with an outbreak of gastroenteritis. In Japan, food poisoning due to raw oysters frequently occurs mainly in the winter months of January to March.

Introduction of high freshness maintenance freezing machine "Proton freezing machine"

Fast freezing technology that combines even flux, electromagnetic waves and cold wind
We have introduced the latest equipment to deliver safe and delicious food to our customers.
Among them, we introduce the "Proton Freezer", which is a freezing machine for maintaining high freshness, which is particularly important.
Proton Freezer is a next-generation commercial freezer that prevents the destruction of food cells by rapid freezing technology combining hybrid magnetic flux, electromagnetic waves and cold air.

Ice crystals form much smaller and more uniform.
It works on ice nucleation during freezing, generates many ice nuclei, and makes small ice crystals.
※ Photograph by Tadahiko Mizuno, Representative Director, Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd.

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Prevents the destruction of food cells and reduces the amount of dripping when thawing.
When comparing the amount of dripping of bluefin tuna, the amount of dripping improved by 71% in proton freezing.

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