The fresh oysters collected from Banshu Ako and Harima-mochi spread the flavor of the tide in full and enjoy the texture of the oysters with a crispy texture. The best way to eat oysters with a shell is with grilled oysters, steamed oysters, etc., and freshly sashimi in salt water or grated daikon radish. There are many ways of cooking such as hot pot and oyster rice, so please enjoy the blessings of nature and the seafood from your family. You can also be delighted as a gift.

The oysters are full of nutrition, so called sea milk
Speaking of oyster glycogen. Glycogen regulates the sugar content in the blood. The oysters are a strong ally for children who are growing up, as well as for recovery from fatigue and physical fitness. Modern people (especially young women) are said to lack iron. Iron absorption amount is 5 times that of spinach. If you want to get iron efficiently, it's definitely oysters. Zinc-rich oysters are also recommended for hair loss and energy-saving fathers. Zinc absorption is six times that of pig liver. You can get zinc for one day with one oyster. Taurine lowers blood cholesterol and has the effect of preventing adult disease. The delicious nutritious oysters support healthy families. * Since oyster shells etc. adhere to oysters, etc. and may cut hands with oyster shells etc., please handle with care. There may be black on the inside of the oysters and shells, but there is no problem with the quality. Also, because it is fresh food, take out the oyster in the box as it arrives, and store it in the refrigerator and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Contents: 1.5 kg to 1.8 kg with shell (about 12 to 15 pieces)
300g ~ 500g set
※ The difference between the size and content by all means depending on the landing time. Please contact us for details.

Lively squid in the Seto Inland Sea


Along with the world-famous National Treasure Himeji Castle, it has been loved and passed down from the old days on the land of Harima "Shrimp Squid". Located in the warm Banshu plains, making full use of the fresh water of soy sauce, Ako No Shiori, Shihoho river, and the sea of ​​the beautiful Seto in the home of Tatsuno, and using the preservatives all at once, in a traditional hand-made method I carefully simmered over it. The pleasant texture and deep taste have been appreciated as heartfelt gifts. Please enjoy the taste of Tanshu folklore hand-painted and colored by nature to your heart's content.

Don't you think that only squid is boiled in spring?
Harima rice cake is an old-fashioned formula that does not use preservatives and the preservation method of relief, the smell when the pack is opened is wonderful, and there is no raw smell when stored in a household refrigerator. We keep it safe until you place an order, so you can have peace of mind.